AES Shady Point Receives EFO Environmental Award

Monday, 29 October 2018 04:05

AES Shady Point Receives EFO Environmental Award Featured

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The inscription on the statue reads, “In Recognition of Good Corporate Citizenship and Positive Environmental Impact.” AES Shady Point (AESSP) was honored last week at the 27th Annual Environmental Federation of Oklahoma (EFO) Meeting & Trade Show in Tulsa, as the recipient of the Frank Condon Environmental Excellence Award.


The plant submitted an application for their project to co-mingle Tired Derived Fuels (TDF) in the plant’s boilers with coal in the production of electricity. AESSP was selected from among seven other companies that submitted environmental proposals.


AESSP’s successful Tires To Energy Project began with meetings with Oklahoma’s Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) in 2016, to discuss what would be required to conduct a test of blending processed tire chips with coal. One of the major requirements of the test was to ensure no modifications needed to be made to plant’s existing equipment to include tire chips in the production of electricity.


AESSP was interested in utilizing processed tire chips for several reasons, but one hurdle was the amount of steel in car tires that had to be removed before entering into the plant’s boilers. To help remove the steel, the plant took advantage of the state’s tire program related to tire collections and processing. Car tires are picked up in all 77 Oklahoma counties and transported to one of three tire processing sites in the state.


There, car tires are cut to a specific size with approximately 95% of the steel in the tires removed. Removing a large percentage of the steel was one of the biggest questions AESSP had to ensure the plant’s boiler system would not be harmed.


After engineering studies were conducted on utilizing processed tire chips in the 2017 testing, AESSP funded all of the engineering and testing of the project on plant equipment. During the test that year the plant utilized approximately 27,000 tons of processed tires.


The use of car tires that year replaced approximately 40,000 tons of out-of-state coal and yielded results of a significant reduction in Coal Combustion Product.


Burning tires generates more heat than coal so it takes less tires to make the same amount of electricity as using coal.


In 2018, AESSP contracted with tire processing plants and utilizes TDF on a regular blend basis today. The plant this year will purchase and use approximately 40,000 tons of TDF that also helps to create additional operating and environmental improvements. Before AESSP started using tires for energy, most tires were chipped or ground up and used in playgrounds, but most ground up tires ended up in Oklahoma landfills as ground cover.


Today, AESSP utilizes approximately 60% of all car tires processed in the state that makes a significant improvement to the environment.


Before the State Tire Program began most discarded car tires would be stacked up behind a building or illegally dumped into landfills or streams. This caused significant issues with mosquitos and disease.


AESSP thanks the DEQ for their efforts in 2017 to help with the test and the project’s success, and Oklahoma legislators for creating the State Tire Fund Program.


Legislation made this project possible. We appreciate EFO seeing the importance and significant of this project and honoring our plant and our people for their successful efforts. Without the hard work and determination of our people, this project would not have been possible.

David Deaton

Digital Editor at Oklahoma Welcome

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