Eastern Oklahoma State College announces 2023 graduates

Monday, 22 May 2023 17:40

Eastern Oklahoma State College announces 2023 graduates Featured

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 WILBURTON, OK – Eastern Oklahoma State College hosted its Commencement Ceremonies on May 5. An estimated 229 students have earned their associate degree or certificate this year.


Eastern’s 2023 graduates listed by county include:


Atoka County

Brynn Kayin Birchfield, Atoka - (A.A.) General Studies

Jordan Ashley Coles, Atoka - (A.S.) Criminal Justice

Seth E. Meadows, Atoka - (A.A.) General Studies

Kayelin J. Kindred, Daisy - (A.S.) Life Science

Matthew T. Goodson, Lane - (A.S.) Pre-Veterinary MedicineBeckham County

Jordyn Garrett, Elk City - (A.S.) Life Science, (A.S.) Pre-Veterinary Medicine and (A.S.) Animal Science

Bryan County

Kylee Anderson, Kenefic - (A.S.) Life ScienceCaddo County

Chad Allen Little, Carnegie - (A.S.) Animal Science and Ranch Operations Stocker Management Certificate

Daniel R. Klassen, Lookeba - (A.A.S.) Meat Processing and Food Safety

Canadian County

Zane A. Avant, El Reno - (A.S.) Animal Science and Ranch Operations Stocker Management Certificate

Bryson J. Whisenant, Yukon - (A.S.) Animal ScienceChoctaw County

Micah N. Zachry, Swink - (A.A.S.) NursingCleveland County

Justin Daniel Reel, Moore - (A.S.) Agriculture Education

Drake V. Kerr, Norman - (A.S.) Criminal JusticeCoal County

Bentley J. Bills, Centrahoma - (A.S.) Business Administration

Alexia Smith, Coalgate - (A.A.) General Studies

Grady County

Kye L. Heldermon, Marlow - (A.S.) Agriculture Communications, (A.S.) Agriculture Economics and (A.S.) Animal Science

Emma R. Victery, Ninnekah - (A.S.) Animal Science, (A.S.) Pre-Veterinary Medicine, (A.S.) Agriculture Communications and Ranch Operations Stocker Management CertificateHaskell County

Paul D. Leedom, Kinta - Ranch Operations Stocker Management Certificate

Hailey N. Wooten, McCurtain - (A.A.) General Studies

Keirstie Ervin, Stigler - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Dallas A. Followill, Stigler - (A.S.) Criminal Justice COP

Cole M. Highfill, Stigler - (A.A.) General StudiesHughes County

Trent Matthew Fronterhouse, Calvin - (A.S.) Agriculture Education and (A.S.) Agronomy

Charlie W. Harden, Calvin - Meat Processing and Food Safety Certificate

Bailee R. Black, Holdenville - (A.S.) Animal Science

Bailey Stewart, Stuart - (A.S.) Health, Physical Education & Recreation

Latimer County

Shaelyn R. Brown, Red Oak - (A.A.S.) Respiratory Therapy

Marissa R. Hill, Red Oak - (A.S.) Business Administration

Maxx M. Montgomery, Red Oak - (A.A.) General Studies

Jerad Potter, Red Oak - Meat Processing and Food Safety Certificate

Summer D. Cantrell, Wilburton - (A.A.) Psychology & Sociology

Kodi M. Clevenger, Wilburton - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Kacie J. Cowen, Wilburton - (A.S.) Business Administration

Makayla N. Doane, Wilburton - (A.S.) Life Science

Donald R. Dycus, Wilburton - (A.A.S.) Respiratory Therapy

Christopher L. Fenelon, Wilburton - (A.A.S.) Respiratory Therapy

Logan Tylor Blake Helt, Wilburton - (A.S.) Health, Physical Education & Recreation

Chelsea L. Holloway, Wilburton - (A.A.) Enterprise Development General Studies

Eric T. Hood, Wilburton - (A.S.) Animal Science and Ranch Operations Stocker Management Certificate

Bryce D. James, Wilburton - (A.S.) Wildlife Ecology

Ryley Neoma Labor, Wilburton - (A.A.) Psychology & Sociology

Allison Lawrence, Wilburton - (A.A.S.) Meat Processing and Food Safety and (A.S.) Food Science

Cheyenne M. Patzack, Wilburton - (A.A.) Pre-Elementary Education

Alyssa R. Powell, Wilburton - (A.S.) Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Selene Nikole Roberts, Wilburton - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Forrest C. Romine, Wilburton - (A.S.) Criminal Justice

Ashley F. Waters, Wilburton - (A.A.) Pre-Elementary Education

Tyler D. Wigington, Wilburton - (A.A.S.) Respiratory Therapy

LeFlore County

Drucille Sole, Bokoshe - (A.A.S.) Respiratory Therapy

Kole Hadley, Cameron - (A.A.) General Studies

Abigail E. Moody, Heavener - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Haylee R. Newman, LeFlore - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Brooklyn Collins, Panama - (A.S.) Business Administration

Cassie D. Umbertus, Panama - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Breanna N. Hartsfield, Poteau - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Hannah R. Abeyta, Talihina - (A.A.)  General Studies

Grace A. Dewbre, Talihina - (A.A.) General Studies

Conner Pierce, Talihina - (A.A.) Psychology & Sociology

Matthew T. Holzhammer, Wister - (A.S.) Business Administration

Lincoln County

Lorallei L. Langston, Meeker - (A.S.) Agriculture Education

Mayes County

Savannah R. Ragland, Pryor - (A.S.) Agriculture Education

McClain County

Taylor J. McGill, Blanchard - (A.S.) Agriculture Economics, (A.S.) Animal Science and (A.S.) Agriculture Communications

Aiden J. Davis, Lindsay - (A.S.) Animal Science and (A.S.) Pre-Veterinary Medicine

McCurtain County

Christina L. Battiest, Broken Bow - (A.A.) General Studies

Tiffany Cobb-Rutherford, Broken Bow - (A.A.) General Studies

Samantha Ann Duncan, Broken Bow - (A.S.) Criminal Justice

Gabriel L. Elliott, Broken Bow - (A.A.S.) Respiratory Therapy

Derrick Engler, Broken Bow - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Randall Jackson, Broken Bow - (A.S.) Criminal Justice COP

Amber S. McKinney, Broken Bow - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Zelphia L. Norman, Broken Bow - (A.S.) Agriculture Economics

Andrea J Serrano, Broken Bow - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Dulce M. Silva, Broken Bow - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Charlene Storey, Broken Bow - (A.A.) General Studies

Ashley Williams, Broken Bow - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Lawson Coulter, Wright City - (A.S.) Agriculture Education

Blaken W. Strawn, Garvin - (A.S.) Agriculture Economics

Bridgett L. Walker, Haworth - (A.A.) General Studies

Avionna S. Anderson, Hugo - (A.A.) General Studies

Olivia Ann McCarter, Hugo - (A.S.) Animal Science and (A.S.) Agriculture Education

Megan R. Aaron, Idabel - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Sarah N. Anna, Idabel - (A.A.S.) Child Development

Anita K. Daniels-Hill, Idabel - (A.A.) Enterprise Development General Studies

Alicia A. Garcia, Idabel - (A.S.) Business Administration

Heartly Danielle Johnson, Idabel - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Marielle Blaine Martin, Idabel - (A.S.) CIS Software Development

Erica Corniece McDonald, Idabel - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Amelia Dawn Navarro, Idabel - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Truc Nguyen, Idabel - (A.A.) General Studies

Kolton T. Sain, Idabel - (A.A.) General Studies

Ryder Wayne Wood, Idabel - (A.A.) General Studies

Montana Noreen Bergman, Valliant - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Brandon Glen Lewis, Valliant - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Ashley D. Miller, Valliant - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Lauren G. Morris, Valliant - (A.S.) Business Administration

McIntosh County

Marty R. Choate, Eufaula - Meat Processing and Food Safety Certificate and Ranch Operations Stocker Management Certificate

Ashley R. Cumpton, Eufaula - (A.S.) Business Administration

Judah K. Owen, Eufaula - (A.S.) Life Science

Muskogee County

Mason A. Bolles, Fort Gibson - (A.S.) Animal Science

Brittnie Bollinger, Muskogee - (A.A.) Enterprise Development General Studies

Oklahoma County

Landon C. Rakestraw, Oklahoma City - (A.S.) Animal Science

Bryce L. Logan, Edmond - (A.S.) Business Administration

John Ruthardt, Edmond - (A.S.) Computer Software Development

Okmulgee County

Allison Nicole Lauderdale, Henryetta - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Osage County

Alyssa R. Wildcat, Skiatook - (A.S.) Agriculture Communications

Pittsburg County

Evan L. Griffin, Crowder - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Miranda Jean Prater, Crowder - (A.A.) Psychology/Sociology

Shelby D. Goddard, Haileyville - (A.S.) Criminal Justice

Mariah R. Holloway, Haileyville - (A.S.) Business Administration

Karen Ross, Haileyville - (A.A.) General Studies

Landen Dean Burke, Hartshorne - (A.A.) General Studies

Kya R. Hunt, Hartshorne - (A.A.) Pre-Elementary Education

Perry J. Johnson, Hartshorne - (A.S.) Horticulture

April R. Mackey, Hartshorne - (A.A.) General Studies

Shaylee Medina, Hartshorne - (A.S.) Business Administration and (A.A.) General Studies

Jaylee Jean Moore, Hartshorne - (A.A.) General Studies

Jessica Rowlett, Hartshorne - (A.S.) Business Administration

Dalton Shay Wilcox, Hartshorne - (A.A.) General Studies

Jaylin E. McBride, Indianola - (A.A.S.) Respiratory Therapy

David A. Ward, Indianola - (A.S.) Animal Science and (A.S.) Agriculture Economics

Sidney F. Whitney, Indianola - (A.S.) Agriculture Communications

Kori Elizabeth Ince, Kiowa - (A.S.) Business Administration

Melissa G. Peterson, Kiowa - (A.A.) Psychology & Sociology

Wes Saffell, Krebs - (A.A.) History & Political Science

Danielle Adams, McAlester - (A.S.) Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Vannesa Ballesteros, McAlester - (A.S.) Business Administration

Brianna M. Bone, McAlester - (A.A.) Child Development

Alisa R. Branson, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Nina Paige Burns, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Kristin M. Busby, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Bailey Cargill, McAlester - (A.A.) Pre-Elementary Education

Kolby G. Cato, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Meat Processing and Food Safety

Haley Christian, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Emily P. Collins, McAlester - (A.A.) Psychology & Sociology

Courtney R. Cozad, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Matthew D. Emerson, McAlester - (A.S.) Business Administration

Stephanie Lynn Fields, McAlester - (A.A.) Pre-Elementary Education

Mitchell R. Garcia, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Respiratory Therapy

Courtney S. Gasowski, McAlester - (A.A.) Psychology & Sociology

Courtney L. Gilliam, McAlester - (A.A.) Pre-Elementary Education

Anndrea C. Hamblin, McAlester - (A.S.) Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Khloe S. Hatcher, McAlester - (A.S.) Agriculture Economics

Adam B. Hayes, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Lillian G. Hollis, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Caden Hull, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Alasha J. Jennings, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Leeann D. Jewell, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Tabitha July, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Lauren Taylor Long, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Layni Shyan Manos, McAlester - Child Development Certificate

Cassieopeia A. Martin, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Evelyn Martinez, McAlester - (A.S.) Business Administration

Olivia L. Medrano, McAlester - (A.S.) Life Science

Dena Jeane Montana, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Hoa Pham Thai Nguyen, McAlester - (A.S.) Criminal Justice COP

Lauren G. Nichols, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies and (A.A.S.) Respiratory Therapy

Hannah R. Pearson, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies and (A.A.) Psychology & Sociology

Kerstin L. Richards, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Respiratory Therapy

Jessica R. Sistrunk, McAlester - (A.A.) Enterprise Development General Studies

Desirae Smith, McAlester - General Studies

Cody H. Sparks, McAlester - (A.S.) CIS Software Development

Zachary S. Spence, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Robert R. Starry, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Rylea M. Stasiak, McAlester - (A.S.) Business Administration

Ravyn L. Surginer, McAlester - (A.A.) Psychology & Sociology and (A.A.) General Studies

Loretta A. Tohkubbi, McAlester - (A.S.) Business Administration

Samantha Weiher, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Erin Paige Wilkinson, McAlester - (A.S.) Business Administration

Sarah M. Williams, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Laney C. Randazzo, McAlester - (A.S.) Agriculture Education

Crystal L. Hollingsworth, Quinton - (A.A.S.)  Nursing

Mackenzie A. Davis, Savanna - (A.A.) Psychology & Sociology

Sydney E. Linscott, Savanna - (A.S.) Life Science

Kristina M. Underwood, Savanna - (A.A.S.) Nursing 

Pontotoc County

Trenton Emmit Barnes, Ada - (A.S.) Wildlife Ecology

Seth D. Brecheen, Ada - (A.S.) Wildlife Ecology

Jenny Carter, Ada - (A.A.S.) Respiratory Therapy

McKinley Jaye Feazle, Ada - (A.S.) Life Science

Collin R. Rindal, Ada - (A.A.S.) Meat Processing and Food Safety and Meat Processing and Food Safety Certificate

Pottawatomi County

Jace R. Milburn, Asher - (A.S.) Agriculture Economics, (A.S.) Agronomy and (A.S.) Horticulture

Isaac Shirey, Shawnee - (A.S.) Business Administration

Pushmataha County

Abigail Grace Arnold, Antlers - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Cal R. Birchfield, Antlers - (A.A.) General Studies

Rebecca Elizabeth Mae Robison, Antlers - (A.S.) Life Science

Brandy M. Sigler, Antlers - (A.A.) General Studies

Joshua Javier Perez Vega, Antlers - (A.S.) Life Science

Hannah D. Garrison, Clayton - (A.S.) Wildlife Ecology

Whitney M. Wilson, Nashoba - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Cassie M. Grey, Tuskahoma - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Erik I. Harper, Tuskahoma - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Rogers County

Grace Jeanette Barnard, Claremore - (A.S.) Life Science

Seminole County

Baylen M. White, Seminole - (A.S.) Business Administration 

Sequoyah County

Jaxon Wayne McTyre, Muldrow - (A.A.) General Studies

Crystal Ortiz, Sallisaw - (A.S.) Health, Physical Education & Recreation

Tuff A. Trotter, Vian - (A.S.) Agronomy

Stephens County

Tate C. Wilkins, Duncan - (A.S.) Business Administration

Tulsa County

James C. Talburt, Arrow - (A.A.) Enterprise Development General Studies

Isabelle D. Hardy, Owasso - (A.S.) Life Science

Candace L. Robinson, Tulsa - (A.A.) General Studies

Wagoner County

Hailee R. Fletcher, Porter - (A.S.) Agriculture Communications and (A.S.) Agriculture Economics

Brooklyn E. Spencer, Porter - (A.S.) Agriculture Communications, (A.S.) Agriculture Economics, (A.S.) Animal Science and Ranch Operations Stocker Management Certificate

 Washita County

Marlie A. Farris, Sentinel - (A.S.) Agriculture Communications and (A.S.) Animal Science


Adam C. Moser, Boulder - (A.S.) Business Administration

Nicholas A. Jacobs, Longmont - (A.A.) General Studies


Dwight Nicarno Savoury, Lauderhill - (A.A.) General Studies


Kyle L. Bryant, Caldwell - (A.S.) Life Science


Hunter J. Ryan, Channahon - (A.A.) General Studies


Emily Diane Sinning, Mansfield - (A.S.) Agriculture Communications, (A.S.) Agriculture Economics and (A.S.) Animal Science

Deagen J. Tomlins, Summitt - (A.S.) Agronomy


Madison A. Martin, Aubrey - (A.S.) Life Science

Earl Austin Kelsoe, Avery - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Grete M. Nelson, The Colony - (A.A.) General Studies

Jayden Patcha, Cypress - (A.A.) Enterprise Development General Studies

Janae L. Porter, Forney - (A.A.) General Studies

Zoe S. Jameson, Granbury - (A.A.) Enterprise Development General Studies

Britni M. Belmonte, Irving - (A.A.) General Studies

Jessica Marie Clemons, Lewisville - (A.A.) General Studies

Melanie Lomeli, Mesquite - (A.A.) General Studies

Blake Hughes, Plano - (A.S.) Business Administration

Caleb White, Van - (A.S.) Business Administration

Cali Sanchez, Weatherford - (A.S.) Life Science


Guilherme Siqueira, Brasilia, Brazil - (A.S.) Business AdministrationGustavo Teodoro de Oliveira, Vitoria, Brazil - (A.S.) Business Admin

Angel Ochoa-Caceres, Sabaneta, Antioquia, Colombia - (A.S.) Business Administration

Erin Tattersall, Leicester, England - (A.A.) Mass Communication

Harry White, Liverpool, England - (A.A.) Enterprise Development General Studies

Marco Alongi, Casciago, Varese, Italy - (A.S.) Business Administration

Krystian Pagan, Manati, Puerto Rico - (A.A.) General Studies

Jordan Gopaul-Bidaisee, Belmont, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago - (A.A.) Psychology & Sociology

Ian Christian Cowie, Trincity, Trinidad and Tobago - (A.S.) CIS Forensics


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