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Buds ready for transport at Depew facility Buds ready for transport at Depew facility


The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics (OBN) and the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) are working with local law enforcement agencies across the state to target illegal marijuana growing operations. OBN Spokesman Mark Woodward says two large cultivations have been shut down in the past two days.

“On Wednesday, September 8th, OMMA Inspectors assisted OBN as we served a Search Warrant at a farm in Depew, Oklahoma that was licensed, but illegally selling marijuana out-of-state on the illicit market. On Thursday, September 9th, a similar Warrant was executed with the Latimer County Sheriff’s Department on an unlicensed grow.” ---OBN Spokesman Mark Woodward

Woodward says several arrests were made and over 4,900 plants seized as part of these two investigations. Woodward says these two are among dozens of illegal growing operations that have been shut down since April of this year. OBN Director Donnie Anderson says his agency is working along-side OMMA to target criminal organizations who operate without a license or outside the laws of Oklahoma’s medical marijuana program.

“Over the past several months, Oklahoma has seen a rise in criminal organizations attempting to establish marijuana growing operations that do not comply with state laws. OMMA Inspectors and OBN Enforcement Agents are sharing information and resources to protect legitimate marijuana businesses and prevent trafficking organizations from getting a foothold within Oklahoma’s medical marijuana program.” ----OBN Director Donnie Anderson

OMMA Director Adria Berry says she recognizes how essential a partnership between OBN and OMMA is.

“Collaboration between OMMA Inspectors and OBN Enforcement will not only stop, but prevent, illegal marijuana activity. To do this, we are actively working to further strengthen our relationship with OBN and local law enforcement." ---OMMA Director Adria Berry

thumbnail OBN Agents seizing Plants at Depew grow

Agents seiaing plants at Depew growing facility 

thumbnail Latimer County Grow

Latimer County Growing facility 

thumbnail Plants drying at Depew grow

Plants drying at Depew growing facility 

Anyone with information about criminal drug activity is encouraged to contact the OBN Tip-Line at 1-800-522-8031.


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