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Superintendent of the Poteau Public Schools has released the following statement Featured

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School Plans beginning April 6th


Don Sjoberg, the Superintendent of the Poteau Public Schools has released the following statement:


“As the result of a recent decision by the State Board of Education, beginning Monday, April 6th, our teachers will be delivering instruction to their students. THAT instruction will vary from a virtual environment using the internet to actual paper and pencil packets. During the coming days, students will receive directions from their teacher about what is expected for the remaining weeks of school. Our teachers have been working hard during the past few days to develop reasonable lessons for their students that will not be a burden. In all cases, the success of this endeavor will be based on working with parents and guardians to help students complete assignments, just as if they were coming home from a regular day of school. There have been questions about students being allowed to come to the buildings to retrieve personal or school items. We are taking steps to assure everyone that the school buildings are safe and secure before any access is granted. Until then, access cannot be granted to students or the general public. Updates will be posted on social media pages for each site. As the superintendent, I will also be sending voice messages giving updates as they relate to district wide issues. Thank you for being patient partners in this important educational process!”

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