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Written by Andrew Qualls
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Recreational Marijuana: Good or Bad?


The legalization of recreational marijuana is a very controversial topic where both sides have reasonable arguments to support their case. The main argument in favor of legalizing marijuana is that the tax revenue gained could make a difference in our government. There have been points made that the profit could benefit sources within the community such as education, road work, etc. However, people against the legalization of marijuana argue that it can impair driving and cause more wrecks. In my opinion, the arguments in favor of legalizing marijuana outweigh those against.

Being a high school student, I have seen first-hand how bad the education system of Oklahoma is, especially here in the southeastern region of the state. In many of my classes there are not enough books for each student to get one of their own. Because of this dilemma teachers must let us work together in class on our homework which uses valuable time that could be spent lecturing.


I believe that with the revenue that the state would gain from the inevitable tax imposed on the substance could go towards purchasing more books for our classes. It will also lower the crime rate, most likely by a substantial amount, because there will be less illegal marijuana being sold on the streets.


Since there will be less need for police officers to bust up marijuana drug dealing, they will be enabled to work towards lowering crime rates and other more threatening violations of the law.

The other side of the argument makes a good case as well, but is easily debunked. One of the main arguments, like stated above, is that people under the influence of the drug will be impaired while driving thus causing more vehicular accidents.


This is a very real issue. Nearly 1.3 million people die every year from accidents on the road, but it is a problem that cannot be solved. There are solutions, of course, to minimize the amount of accidents and fatalities; keeping marijuana from being legalized is one of them. Hundreds of people everyday text and drive, but we have not yet outlawed cellphones. I believe that it makes us hypocritical to be against the legalization of marijuana solely because of the risk of vehicular accidents when cellphones pose just as much of a risk.

The legalization of marijuana should not be an issue controlled by the federal government. If the substance was to become legalized on a federal level, the taxes imposed on it would work towards the nation’s problems instead of individual states. This isn’t a bad thing, but the taxes from marijuana would not put a noticeable dent in the multitrillion-dollar debt. If, however, we make the decision at the state level, there is a much better chance of getting local roads repaired and more supplies for our schools.

The benefits of legalizing marijuana for recreational use outweigh the negatives. Marijuana has the potential to benefit the economy of the entire US. If done correctly legalizing marijuana could be one of the best decisions for the country made in a long time.



My name is Andrew Qualls. I am 16 years old and currently a junior at Wister High School, along with my classes at the high school I am enrolled in two classes at Carl Albert State College. In the future I hope to teach creative writing courses. I would also like to get one of the several books that I have begun writing published.

I enjoy reading, exercising, and studying the latest politics in my free time. My love for reading is the foundation for my joy to write. In 2016 I joined Wister High School’s Cross-Country team, this is where my love for exercising comes from. My love for politics came about during the first semester of my Sophomore year, when I had a mandatory government class. From this class I discovered a passion for studying politics and becoming involved in the working of our government.

My articles will consist mainly of my opinions on books, fitness, and politics. Since these are some of my greatest interests in life, I have developed a reasonable amount of knowledge on these topics. I will submit, on average, one article per week, unless something major happens in politics then occasionally I will submit a second article throughout the week.

I will be looking forward to hearing feedback by anyone who takes the time to read my articles. Thank you and I hope you enjoy what I write.




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