This too shall pass

Monday, 16 January 2023 16:58

This too shall pass Featured

Written by Terry Joe Wiles
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If ya don’t like the weather, just hang around a while! Weather is an easy topic of conversation to toss out there. “Specially when it’s 70 like it is today. That’s what I love about Oklahoma Winters. Sure it gets cold, snowy and hard to get around, but then ya get these days warm enuf to go fishing or prep the truckpatch for maters. I’m gonna do something productive like rake leaves or maybe just walk the dawgs in the “Wilderness”. Anyway, in my experience, Mother Nature has a way of maintaining an average for each season. December, January & February in Oklahoma has an average daily temp of 50. We just had some cold days, 7 or so. Now, there are some 70 days for balance. Just enjoy and be grateful. I really do love Oklahoma!

Said all that to say this. There’s nothing more rewarding or enjoyable than a hard-workin’ band. Hours of practice, a small fortune in equipment and a band will be able to use their talents to entertain the masses. But bands are like relationships. They are delicate in nature, a house built on sand that with the next rain can be warshed away. This too shall pass! So, thru all the startups and breakups, when a band stays together and stays focused, they will be rewarded. Many call this, “Living the Dream”. I have been blessed to have been a big fish in a lil’ pond for a short time and experienced the heartbreak of “dis-banding”. When all the effort does work, it’s magic! There are several bands in our area that are in my articles often. “Oklahoma Moon”, “Rearview Mirror”, “Even Keel '' have all been playing regularly for a couple of years now in a circle of say 50 miles or so from Poteau. They still practice and work hard to stay together.

Then there are two that are on the next level. “Hillbilly Vegas” and “Chaotic Resemblance” hold the attention of fans from either coast AND from across the pond. Here’s just a short list of accomplishments to date. I came home to stay in 2007 and had the pleasure to hear them. Both bands had been paying their dues and finding by trial and error their strengths and weaknesses. Putting together talented, dedicated musicians and elbowing their way into the music business. There’s just something about traveling hundreds of hours in a Ford van loaded with equipment to play just a couple of hours for a few fans that draws a band together like blood kin. Not many make the cut. I applaud them both! Watch here for shows in our area.

Live Music! Here’s what I got so far. Dawn’s Diner/Red Oak will have “59 South” on Thursday 19th. They start at 5 pm. “The Stagemasters” return on Friday 20th to play that boot-scootin’ music that folks love. They are one of my favorite bands because of song selection and delivery. Crowd favorite there, too. Then on Sat, 21st, “Big Marty and the Dirty Dogs” will provide the dancin’ music. Music on Friday and Sat. starts at 6 pm.

Muldrow City Limits will have “Bricktown” on Sat. 21st. Music starts at 76 pm. “Grannie’s Nightmare “ will be Rockin’ the Spiro Eagles on Sat the 21st at 7 pm. “Rhythm Coalition” will be at the Farewell Party Bar and Grill on Sat 21st. Music starts at 8 pm. This is a new look and effort for David Carbrey. But it’s a Get Down and Get Funky sound. Catch their show. “The Lawman band” will play Sat 21st at the Cavanaugh Senior Activity Center, Fort Smith. Music starts at 7pm sharp.


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