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Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Issues OLAP Updates Featured

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Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Issues OLAP Updates Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation

 OLAP (Oklahoma Land Access Program) Limited Access offers archery/shotgun only opportunities for close-to-metro and wetland walk-in areas. Currently, all Limited Access walk-in areas are subject to the same regulations as Archery/Shotgun Only walk-in areas.

A hunter can reserve an open "seat" at a location on a given date, and the hunter can bring one guest. Once you select a location/date, please complete the check-in information form. The entire check-in process is done within Go Outdoors Oklahoma; no additional paper sign-in is required at the Walk-in Area. Being checked in on Go Outdoors Oklahoma generates the digital "Daily Use Permit" that game wardens can automatically access. When your hunt is over, log back in to Go Outdoors Oklahoma to check-out. You cannot reserve another seat until you've checked out. 

NOTE: Check-in is only required at Limited Access areas, i.e., "yellow signs", not all of OLAP.

What's new in 2023:

  • Limited Access is now a daily check-in (no more drawings) on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Check-in for a specific day opens 2 days before that day at 8:00 am.
  • The number of available seats will shift according to the hunting season. For example, a walk-in area might allow more hunters on the tract during dove season in September versus duck season in December.

Click Here for OLAP Limited Access on Go Outdoors Oklahoma.

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The OLAP Maps now have photos! Click on the camera icon to bring up the attribute table and then click on the attachment. This works on both desktop and the mobile Field Maps app.

Click Here for Online OLAP Maps.

Remember to click on walk-in areas and icons to bring up more information, including access types, dates, habitat information, specific comments/instructions, and photos. This function is available when accessing maps on a computer or via the mobile app (ArcGIS Fields Maps).

An advantage of using the Fields Maps app is that it shows the user's location on the map (desktop version does not). Additionally, users can drop map pins to assist with navigation.

Review the maps before entering the walk-in area. Get a good feel for the property boundaries, topography, changes in land use (farming or ranching), etc. 

Boundaries may consist of a change from grassland to agriculture, a mowed strip, etc. Some walk-in areas may not have fences for OLAP boundary signs, and it's the responsibility of hunters to know their location and the walk-in area's boundaries.

Use the free ArcGIS Field Maps App to bring the OLAP Walk-in Areas to your mobile device (data signal required). Once the app is installed on your device, search the Maps for "OLAP" and select "ODWC OLAP Web Map 2023-2024". Also of note, you can search for "ODWC WMA" to view WMA maps in this app as well.

Click below to download the ArcGIS Field Maps App on your Apple or Android mobile device.

Download ArcGIS Field Maps App for Apple Devices


Download ArcGIS Field Maps App for Android Devices



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