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Oklahomans Guide Visitors on Kiamichi Mountain Searches for Bigfoot Featured

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 Canadians on a Bigfoot expedition outside Honobia listen to a guide from Kiamichi Mountain Adventures. Canadians on a Bigfoot expedition outside Honobia listen to a guide from Kiamichi Mountain Adventures.

By Teresa Black Bradway


Serious Bigfoot seekers can look for Sasquatch even when the annual Bigfoot festival is over, and an Oklahoma business will help them.

The Honobia Bigfoot Festival and Conference is set Oct. 6 and 7 at Kiamichi Mountains Christian Mission (Christ 40 acres) at Highway 144 and Indian Highway, Honobia, OK.

But some need more than this annual Bigfoot fix. They will head deep into Oklahoma woods to explore what fans call, “One of the greatest mysteries in history.”

“Every year, people from all over the US come to get their once-in-a- lifetime experience here within the Kiamichi Mountains,” said Troy Hudson of Kiamichi Mountain Adventures. “They come to southeast Oklahoma hoping to catch a glimpse of the most elusive folklore legend of all time.”

Hudson takes visitors into a 100 acre wilderness area in the Kiamichi Mountains to seek the legendary creature. Some report remarkable sightings which may be evidence of Bigfoot. His tours have included people from across the US, Canada, Sweden and England.

“The majority of our events happen after dark,” Hudson said. “We do have day hikes and some educational field demonstrations on how and what to look for.”

In March, six women from east Texas and Louisiana enjoyed an unscheduled Bigfoot tour and sightings.

“They were on their own Sasquatch expedition,” Hudson said. They rented a cabin near Smithville east of Honobia to celebrate a birthday and were told that someone at Honobia gave tours. The women located Hudson, who told them to return that night.

“Through the evening, several ladies observed extremely large man-like shadows on top of the ridge walking back and forth,” Hudson said. “Several others observed similar shadows near the base camp rocking back and forth between the trees.”

. “One young lady got the rare opportunity to watch a small child-like figure along with a larger figure move about just 50 yards from her for little over 10 minutes,” Hudson said. “She described that she at one moment could see a light-colored area of its face on the small figure. She said that it was so fast that all she could see was bridge of a nose and both eyes. She was so amazed she couldn't stop talking about it.”

Everyone in the group saw “eye shine,” near their base camp, he said.

Not everyone catches sight of something, Hutson said, but many do.

“More than half of the people who attended have their own experiences that leave them wanting more,” Hudson said.

“A lot of people come to learn,” about Bigfoot, Hudson said, “to try and get a glimpse which a lot do. Some see one or two, and many leave with a lot more than they expected.”

Hudson offers field expeditions in the fall, early winter and spring, usually for two days and two nights. Two or three experienced members of the Bigfoot conference staff may serve as guides. For more information contact . Fees vary with the length of the trip.

Hudson, of Coalgate, Ok., has led Bigfoot expeditions in the Kiamichi Mountains for over ten years. Hudson.heads safety and security for the Kiamichi Mountains Christian Mission and the Bigfoot festival, which attracts an estimated four thousand people. He is on the board of directors for the Honobia Bigfoot Organization.

His Adventures business is separate from the Honobia Bigfoot Organization, a nonprofit which raises funds for scholarships for local students.

The festival runs Friday and Saturday, Oct. 6 and 7. A two-day conference opens at 10 am Friday, October 6th . Farlan Huff, M.K Davis of Mississippi, Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Idaho State University and Dr. Samuel Webb Sentell, of Louisiana will speak. Tickets to the conference are sold daily.

After dark, visitors gather around a campfire to tell of their encounters with Bigfoot. Many camp nearby.

There is a 5K Run sponsored by the Choctaw Nation, a free music festival, helicopter rides, a children’s area, an art contest, the Battiest Archer Booth, face painting and a street entertainer who juggles and makes balloon animals.
A church service is held on Sunday and all are invited to attend.

More information is at



Troy Hudson speaks about sightings of Bigfoot reported in Oklahoma.



hudson guide

 Troy Hudson, right, guides visitors from the Oklahoma City area on a Bigfoot expedition in the Kiamichi Mountains near Honobia.




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