Burns interim study to focus on nuclear energy in Oklahoma

Monday, 30 October 2023 11:03

Burns interim study to focus on nuclear energy in Oklahoma Featured

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Sen. George Burns, R-Pollard, is set to lead an interim study on the potential of bringing nuclear energy to Oklahoma. The study, scheduled for 1:30 PM on October 31, 2023, will take place in Room 535 of the State Capitol Building.

The interim study will delve into the myriad benefits that nuclear energy offers our state. It will explore the vital role of nuclear energy in providing clean and reliable power, which is crucial to the energy landscape of Oklahoma. Additionally, the study will spotlight the substantial economic growth that the nuclear energy sector can generate, contributing to the state's economic prosperity.

"Nuclear energy is a critical piece of the puzzle as we work toward a sustainable and reliable energy future,” Burns said. “It's clean, it's reliable, and it holds tremendous potential for economic growth in our state. We need to understand the full scope of the benefits it can bring to Oklahoma."

Nuclear energy has proven to be a clean and sustainable energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and providing a stable energy supply. Nuclear power plants are built to the highest standards for operational safety, security, cybersecurity, and emergency preparedness and can put Oklahoma generations ahead for a more stable and secure energy future. Comprehensive safety procedures and stringent regulations keep plants and neighboring communities safe. It is reliable and overcomes the intermittent nature of renewables like wind, hydro and solar power.

This interim study is a significant step in Oklahoma's journey toward energy innovation and environmental sustainability. The study will bring together experts such as the Nuclear Energy Institute, stakeholders, and policymakers to explore the possibilities of nuclear energy in Oklahoma.




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