Capitol Greetings July 1, 2024

Tuesday, 02 July 2024 07:08

Capitol Greetings July 1, 2024 Featured

Written by Rep. Jim Grego
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I was saddened to read about the Oklahoma Supreme Court's recent ruling against St Isidore Catholic Charter School. As a Catholic growing up in rural Oklahoma, I never had an opportunity for any Catholic influence on my education as so many of our city dwellers enjoy daily. I understand the naysayers about how all these other non-traditional religions would now start schools of their own, but how many of these other religions have schools now?

Catholics have had schools in our larger metropolitan areas for decades. I just see this as another avenue of educating children and a way to allow parents who pay taxes for education to choose this as an option for their children

On another topic, the Senate will reconvene in special session July 15 to consider the governor's nominee for an OSU Board of Regents seat. The Senate plans to pick a new president pro-tempore-elect. I am glad this will be resolved soon. I have been requested to resume my lobbying efforts of trying to restart our unique prison rodeo. I believe once senate leadership is established, I may be able to move forward with this proposal. One never knows about timing as the Department of Corrections is in somewhat of a turmoil over losing some contracts with one of their private providers.

This week, we celebrate our American tradition of independence. Too often we just think about fireworks' displays, but this holiday reflects so much more. It's about our choice to have a government of the people, by the people and for the people and the liberties we enjoy because of our Constitution and our Declaration of Independence. Please never take the freedoms we enjoy for granted.

At the same time, however, I do hope you are able to enjoy one or more of the numerous fireworks displays in our area. Always remember to thank the many sponsors who contribute to pay for us to enjoy these celebrations.

As always, thank You for allowing me to serve you. I can be reached at (405) 557-7381 or by email at

Jim Grego serves District 17 in the Oklahoma House of Representatives. His district includes Latimer County and part and Pittsburg County.


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