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Public Service Announcement Submitted by Paul LaRosa, Candidate for LeFlore County Commissioner District #2

Le Flore County (LFC) is very independent and is a live-and-let-live oasis within a world that regulates everything.  As a lifetime LFC resident, I do not want to be hemmed in by more than absolutely necessary.  In fact, I would go so far as to say that all I want is to be included in the major decisions which directly effect my family, business and community that I may protect the things I love.  I also want you to be able to protect the things that matter most in your life.  Having said that, modern technology is directly impacting all of us and it is not going away.

LFC has cell towers even though we do not have the best internet service and therefore we will be heavily solicited to set up 5-G.  I can look up to the top of Cavanal and there stand cell towers.  I can look out across the Poteau Valley and see cell towers.  My point is: Who decides these things?  Who is safeguarding our Valley? Hot Springs, Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas, Denver, and LA are working on long range plans to bring safe and lucrative 5-G to their constituents.  Who is planning on doing this for us?   The answer must be the LFC County Commissioners. I want to do this job.

            5-G technology is a form of electromagnetic impulse, except that the ‘waves’ of the impulse are shorter than ever before and vibrate faster.  While this will effectively include everyone in the IoT web, there are some known drawbacks. When 5-G waves are increased, they can cause bodily damage.  President Trump specifically eliminated certain foreign parts from American 5-G installations to prevent nefarious use.  Now is the time to address our personal and community concerns.

           Negotiating the building and installation of cell towers or 5-G sender-receivers in LFC is the responsibility of the County Commissioners. President Trump meant 5-G to also be a lucrative source of income (streams). The LFC process must begin with public postings of such proposals.  I will hold public hearings in my district.  Simultaneously, I propose that LFC cease any further agreements and/or installations of cell towers and/or 6-G transmitter-receivers until an LFC ‘policy’ is developed and finalized.  

            I want to make it clear that first and foremost I support LFC residents who may be considering selling or leasing land to 5-G carriers like Verizon.  The ‘owner’ in either case would be Verizon.  These large corporations operate all over the world and deal with restrictions and fees similar to what I am proposing.  Negotiating terms and conditions to use our collective air space will not lose opportunity but will garner respect for our heritage. 

There are certain obvious concerns which even the most hardened skeptic should realize.  Cell towers do not belong near schools, residences, or hospitals and perhaps businesses. In other communities erecting cell towers is not only strictly monitored and controlled, there is also a significant ongoing fee, such as a rent, which is collected by the community because the air rights are held in common.  The owners of the towers should be required to carry insurance, submit a plan for upkeep and maintenance, and provide for removal in the event they vacate the property.  Some communities even require cell towers to camouflage their appearance as pine trees like the ones in Shawnee, Oklahoma, or the palm trees along California freeways!

We cannot stop time.  The technology of the 21st Century is upon us now. We have a duty to understand the long-range impact and obligation to manage our best options.

We can do better and be better!

The 2020 Vote is an Investment in Our Future

Vote for me, Paul La Rosa,

Le Flore County Commissioner District #2

June 30th

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David Deaton

Digital Editor at Oklahoma Welcome

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