House Democrats Call Out Partisan Pandering, Urge Focus on Working Families

Friday, 12 April 2024 17:41

House Democrats Call Out Partisan Pandering, Urge Focus on Working Families Featured

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Yesterday, Republican legislative leaders shared language for a bill addressing illegal immigration, an issue Democrats argue is the responsibility of the federal government, not state government.

The bill, set to be filed next week, would make the first offense a misdemeanor with jail time of up to a year, or a fine of $500, or both. The offender would have 72 hours from the time given to them to leave the State of Oklahoma and will not be allowed back in the state at any point afterward. The second offense would be a felony.

House Democrats are pushing back on partisan pandering, and urging legislative leaders to get to the business of helping working Oklahoma families.

“I know my colleagues understand addressing immigration is the responsibility of the federal government, which is why it is so blatantly obvious they are pushing rhetoric to pander to their Republican primary voter base during an election year,” House Democratic Leader Cyndi Munson, D-Oklahoma City, said. “I am deeply concerned that Republican leadership from both Chambers found the time to meet about an issue we cannot address, but won’t meet to discuss our state’s budget. Their inability to work together has created a stalemate on discussions important to working families like accessible child care, expanding education access to Oklahomans with disabilities, and addressing the affordable housing crisis in our state.”

House Democrats also criticized the notion of making Oklahoma an unattractive place to live.

“It is appalling that state leaders continue to send the message to people that Oklahoma is not the place to live and build their families,” Leader Munson said. “I’ll submit that the Republican supermajority does plenty to keep people from wanting to come to Oklahoma as we underfund public education, attack women’s reproductive rights, and pass extremist legislation that marginalizes people. My question to my colleagues is this: do you really believe this is the way to lead our state? Instead, let’s focus on the issues that matter to working families and those who want to live in a state like Oklahoma by investing in the people who send us to the State Capitol so they can live their highest quality of life.”


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