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Oklahoma Presidential Preferential Primary Sample Ballots Featured

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Oklahomans who are registered to vote and eligible to vote for the 2020 Presidential Preferential Primary (PPP) elections will head to the polls Tuesday, March 3, 2020. Both the Democratic and Republican parties have candidates on their respective ballots.

Voters must be a registered member of the party for which they intend to cast a ballot. (For example, Republicans may vote in the Republican PPP. Democrats may vote in the Democratic PPP.) Independents are allowed to vote in the Democratic PPP only. The Democratic Party is the only recognized party in Oklahoma that currently allows Independents to vote in its primaries. Independents are defined as voters registered without a party affiliation.

The purpose of the Presidential Preferential Primary (PPP) is to allow all recognized parties in Oklahoma to send delegates to their party's national convention. The delegates are responsible for casting votes for the candidates they are assigned to, which represent the popular vote. Each party is responsible for choosing the Presidential candidate that will be on the ticket in November.

Below are sample ballots for each party.

2020 rep pres

2020 rep pres

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