The Blood is on President Biden’s Hands

Wednesday, 18 August 2021 20:21

The Blood is on President Biden’s Hands Featured

Written by By Congressman Markwayne Mullin
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On August 15th, the capital of Afghanistan fell to the Taliban following the near-total withdrawal of American troops. The fall of Kabul represents a complete and utter failure by President Biden and his administration.

The Afghani president has fled, and the Taliban has assumed control of the country. These militants promised “amnesty” for the people who helped our military, but to them “amnesty” means a quick killing rather than a long, torturous death or placed into slavery. Taliban fighters have detained and beaten those on their way to flee by air. And the extremist group has promised to “recognize the rights of women and girls as long as it conforms to Sharia Law,” which all but erases women’s rights.

For weeks prior, our government told American citizens in the country and our Afghani allies, including interpreters who served as a lifeline to our military, to go to Kabul and they would be safe and evacuated. Now, they have been left stranded and abandoned by the Biden Administration. And all of this is happening as President Biden’s National Security Advisor and Press Secretary refuse to commit to evacuating all Americans from Afghanistan. This is unthinkable.

The pictures and videos of evacuees clinging to aircraft leaving Kabul are horrific. It speaks volumes that these people would risk near certain death in that manner over continuing to exist in Afghanistan under Taliban rule.

American exit did not have to be this way. The blood is on the hands of President Biden and those who were advising him. There must be accountability for this failure.

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