The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Thursday, 04 August 2022 06:56

The Entrepreneurial Spirit Featured

Written by Congressman Markwayne Mullin
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America is the land of opportunity, where everyone can work hard to achieve success. Oklahomans know this, and it is reflected throughout the hundreds of thousands of small businesses across our state.

The entrepreneurial spirit is about hard work, not the heavy hand of the government that President Biden and Democrats in Congress are trying to force on the American people. Ninety-nine percent of businesses in Oklahoma are small businesses. Families and individuals in Oklahoma have continued to work hard to achieve their American dream despite the odds the current administration has stacked against them.

Entrepreneurs in Oklahoma survived the pandemic only to be faced with a new set of challenges. Inflation, supply chain issues, and high energy costs have brought optimism among small business owners to the lowest it has been in over nine years.

America’s job creators deserve better. Oklahoma businesses, farms, and ranches have endured generations of change and hardship, and I have no doubt they will survive this too. But despite this belief in our state’s resolve, I will never stop fighting to limit the overreach of the federal government.

America depends on small businesses to carry the economy, and I have faith in the ones here in Oklahoma to continue this legacy. Oklahomans always live by The Oklahoma Standard: neighbors helping neighbors through tough times. I hear and feel the concerns of Oklahomans as we live under the Biden Administration, and I still remain truly optimistic about the road that lies ahead.

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