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Elect PAUL LAROSA LeFlore County Commissioner, District#2


            First, I would like to commend and thank the people who currently handle Le Flore County (LFC) trash.  It is the authentic ‘dirty job’ as Mike Rowe would say.  Once our trash is compacted at the County Transfer Station it is transported somewhere else.

            Where does all the LFC trash go?  Answer: Other cities landfills at an expense of +/- $40,000 a month. Purchasing land in LFC and creating our own landfill is under consideration.  My question is, “Is our own LFC landfill the best solution?”

I have looked at communities who deal with this same problem. There are successful trash programs that incorporate diligent recycling programs alongside waste disposal. Large recycling facilities include conveyor belts receive the trash for separating paper, glass, aluminum, plastics, and metal or anything useful.  The separated recyclables are then sold to manufacturers who make products from them.  The sorting and packaging are done by robots in certain communities and people in others.  I also found that there are federal grants available that could possibly help get a program of this scale and complexity up and running.

 Our trash can be a resource!  We could sell the recyclable part of our trash for income!

You have brought to my attention the issue that our secondary trash collection dumpsters are often overwhelmed.  It is not uncommon to see a dumpster filled with one large piece of furniture or tree branch.  It is equally common in our area to see vehicles from other states fill up our trash dumpsters.  LFC County Commissioners need to review the policy and dumpster locations.

What you throw away and how you do it is ultimately very personal and any meaningful discussion about trash must begin there.  Litter, or loose trash, is everywhere in LFC. It is along our historic trails, construction sites, forests, roadways, and highways.  Our litter reflects our personal care-less-ness and how we are protecting our natural resources and quality of life for future generation.  Sometimes it feels easier to just throw a cup out the car window or drop a soda can in the woods rather than bag it and find a trash receptacle.  We can do better.

We can clean up our litter.  Teaching our children is a great place to begin forming the habit of environmental cleanliness.  We have laws against carrying trash which is not tied down or covered. They need to be enforced and fines posted.  The placement of public trash cans needs to be reviewed and the help of business owners engaged to make throwing away your personal trash easier in LFC.  Signage such as billboards, use of social media and electronic signs at the Reynolds Center or banks can be asked to help get the message out.  The goal being the creation of a habit…a habit to keep the ground clean and preserve our heritage and quality of life.


These Election are an investment in our future!

David Deaton

Digital Editor at Oklahoma Welcome

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