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Shady Point Schools 3rd Annual Archery Tournament Featured

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Shady Point Schools hosted their 3rd Annual Shady Point Archery Tournament this Friday and Saturday, January 15-16, 2021, at the Reynolds Center in Poteau. They had 545 archers attend this year of the almost 600 archers registered. Most of the top teams in the state were expected to be there.

Thirty schools registered for the tournament as well as several individual competitors. Archers from Arkansas and Oklahoma followed National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) rules including those for safety.

This tournament was a state qualifier for the third OKNASP qualifying week.

The preliminary results showed that:

In the Elementary Division:

  • Locust Grove Upper Elementary finished in 1st place with 2934 total points and 66 tens.
  • Charleston Elementary finished in 2nd place with 2562 total points and 42 tens.
  • Brushy School finished in 3rd place with 2438 total points and 36 tens.
  • Park Road Elementary finished in 4th place with 2416 points and 28 tens.
  • Rattan Public Schools finished in 5th place with 2238 points and 30 tens.
  • Central Elementary finished in 6th place with 1241 points and 7 tens.

In the middle division:

  • Locust Grove Middle ranked 1st with 3305 points and 160 tens.
  • Shady Point Schools ranked 2nd with 3188 points and 106 tens.
  • Charleston Middle School ranked 3rd with 3129 points and 83 tens.
  • Salina Public Schools ranked 4th with 3119 points and 105 tens.
  • Chandler Junior High School ranked 5th with 3107 points and 101 tens.
  • Brushy School ranked 6th with 3022 points and 86 tens.
  • Rattan Public Schools ranked 7th with 2994 points and 68 tens.
  • Panama Public Schools ranked 8th with 2745 points and 48 tens.
  • Howe Middle School ranked 9th with 2708 points and 47 tens.
  • Roland Public School ranked 10th with 2678 points and 34 tens.
  • Battiest Public School ranked 11th with 2364 points and 39 tens.
  • Hodgen Public School ranked 12th with 2179 points and 18 tens.

In the High School Division:

  • Locust Grove Public School scored 3324 points and had 161 tens for 1st
  • Chandler High School scored 3157 points and had 123 tens for 2nd
  • Red Oak Public School scored 3111 points and had 104 tens for 3rd
  • Rattan Public Schools scored 3073 points and had 98 tens for 4th
  • Roland Public Schools scored 3048 Points and had 72 tens for 5th
  • Howe High School scored 3022 points and had 72 tens for 6th
  • Charleston High School scored 2996 points and had 67 tens for 7th
  • Panama Public Schools scored 2957 points and had 57 tens for 8th
  • Battiest Public School scored 2807 points and had 51 tens for 9th
  • Arkoma High School scored 2745 points and had 46 tens for 10th
  • Lexington High School scored 2414 points and had 34 tens for 11th

Top Scoring Individuals were:

  • Elementary Division Girls
    • 1st—Karli Bennett, Locust Grove Upper Elementary
    • 2nd—Kylee Tugmon, Locust Grove Upper Elementary
    • 3rd—Ali Pierce, Locust Grove Upper Elementary
  • Elementary Division Boys
    • 1st—Conner Davenport, Charleston Elementary
    • 2nd—Joe Brooks, Brushy School
    • 3rd—Jett Hardin, Locust Grove Upper Elementary
  • Middle Division Girls
    • 1st—Jeralyn Ingram, Locust Grove Middle School
    • 2nd—Raeghan Rivers, Locust Grove Middle School
    • 3rd—Kylie Bird, Locust Grove Middle School
  • Middle Division Boys
    • 1st—Wyatt Avery, Locust Grove Middle School
    • 2nd—Jaeger Ingram, Locust Grove Middle School
    • 3rd—Christian Moehle, Chandler Junior High School
  • High School Division Girls
    • 1st—Felicia Thompson, Locust Grove Public School
    • 2nd—Emma Apker, Red Oak Public School
    • 3rd Taylor Knight, Chandler High School
  • High School Division Boys
    • 1st—Trenton Gardner, Salina Public Schools
    • 2nd—Kolby Chancellor, Salina Public Schools
    • 3rd—Kyzer Guthrie, Chandler High School

The overall high scoring archers were: Trenton Gardner, 295 points, Salina; Jeralyn Ingram, 291 points, Locust Grove; Kolby Chancellor, 292 points, Salina; Kyzer Guthrie, 289 points, Chandler; Weston Coffey, 288 points, Red Oak; and Wyatt Avery, 288, Locust Grove.

Due to COVID-19 regulations about large gatherings, social distancing and masking recommendations were followed and archers who had finished their flights and their families were asked to leave the venue as soon as possible. Trophies and medals will be delivered or mailed, since there was no awards ceremony this year as there had been in the past.

Shady Point Schools Archery Coach, Hank Austin, thanked everyone who had helped with the tournament, the archers, coaches, and those who came out to support the archers. “We couldn’t have this tournament without everyone who volunteered to help us, the archers and coaches, and everyone who came to support the archers.”

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