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Support Live Music  LeFlore Co, Area By Terry Joe Wiles

Featured musician this week - J. B. Lloyd

J.B. and I got together at a guitar pull out at Rick Ward’s house a couple months ago . It had been quite a spell since I had seen him or heard him . He always handled a country song with the respect that it deserved and he has a smooth delivery with a distinctive sound ! He was a bandleader for several years with Country Connection during the 80’s . Those were the golden years in Country , the Urban Cowboy years ! Lots of places to play and lots of bands . And Country Connection - Larry Hight/bass , Mike Medlock/guitar and Jackie Linville/drums played 3 nights a week and practiced at least once plus kept families fed with day jobs so they earned a top spot around LeFlore Co. !

So when J.B. came to me for ideas about putting together a reunion of sorts , I agreed to help all I could . It seemed to be just what we needed at the time ! Live music had taken such a hit during the lockdown year , it needed something to get folks excited about again !

Earl Hearon and the Sound of Country had a great start with the Merle Haggard Tribute so the Pocket Park is perfect for this event . Mary Parham and crew keep the venue Family Friendly , Billy Hoffman donated the new stage and awning , it is perfect for an afternoon of music . So make plans for May 15th , “Musicians Reunion” will start bout 2 pm and has 5 bands scheduled for the day . Country to Gospel to Bluegrass ! 

I had a few minutes to visit with J.B and found out that his Grandma , Mary Josephine Lloyd , showed him a lil’ on guitar and he was hooked . His family on his Dad side along with two Uncles and a Brother all played music and his Grandpa Van Hooser on his Mom’s side was a fiddler !

The family moved up from Clayton when J/B. was 14 and he played with the “Music Masters” in 9th grade with Eddie and Jeanie George McAlester , James Jack and Cuzzin’ Ricky LLoyd .

Payin’ his dues and playing at just about any opportunity found J.B. playing with Max and Frankie Harris on the banks of Holsom Creek at the GinHole Bar . Been there-done that ! Using that experience , he helped form “Country Connection” with Larry Hight , Mike Medlock and Jackie Linville . Don May sang and played with that band for a while . Me and Cuzzin’ Dave Mize got to play with them for a couple of weeks down in Hugo at the Rendezvous Club while Earl and Robert Hvamstad went to Colorado to elk hunt . It was a great crowd of dancers and the band was well received . We made some good two-stepping music for that Red River Crowd . Country Connection played from 82 til 85 .

J.B. sang for a few more years and then good ole common sense led him to more work/less playing that put him back on the road building roads to pay the bills . I understand he is a fair dozer hand . But that decision was the difference between J.B. and a lotta musicians that his family came first . Then God seemed to step up and moved J.B. to turn his life around and surrender . His passion about his faith is contagious and sincere . He said that he had to work on becoming humble , to try his best to do God’s will and not his own .

He is sure a good influence on me !

Just in the last year or so , J.B. started working on his songs and getting the itch to play again . He got together with Rick Ward , Max Harris , Randy Fennell at home just to play again . I got to play a couple of nights and enjoyed the music . That was enough for J.B. to start planning this event . His voice is strong and it is a treat to hear him sing again .

Ain’t Ya Glad I am Finally getting to write about “Live Music Events” (instead of just about me) !

There’s another Pocket Park Event coming up on May 15th !

J.B. Lloyd dreamed it up so he gets to be the Host , and a picker/singer/roadie/in charge of setting up the white folding chairs ! If I was you , I would bring a lawn chair ! But more about the event next week in OKNEWS and on fb !

One set will be played by some long time family friends , Bill and Linda Lancaster . If ya don’t know them from Turkey Track , ya might know them from the Music/Hydraulic Store ! Kinda an unusual combo but it happened that one supported the other . You figure out which . They had a well stocked music store/recording studio on Broadway from 98 until 2008 .

I ask how they came to live in the area and got a perfect answer . While escaping from the Ft. Worth are on a Labor Day Weekend thru LeFlore Co. , they ran into Bill Barber in the mts. and ended buying some land . Bill said that the Good Lord just led them here ! And I say , Thank ya Lord !

Bill plays bass , banjo , Cajun fiddle and mandolin . He was forced to learn by Brother Vern ! He started playing on weekends round Dallas at VFW’s after his Navy years . “Thanks for your Service” ! Then worked with the Country Edition band at Country Club’s . Better money there !

I understand that Bill met Linda on the dance floor ! Good thing he can play music cause I think that Linda finally learned to play Upright (Doghouse) Bass so they had an interest in common . Linda is solid on her instrument . She let me try it one time at a family picking at Turkey Track and after bout 4 songs I gave it back . I now have much more respect for her talent ! Bil can play Doghouse bass but he said it hurts his fingers too ! They have played in front of thousands at Bluegrass festivals all over the country . But they both confessed
to having a lil stagefright issue ! Ya sure couldn’t tell !

And there were lots of Recording studio stories , too many to tell now , but Bill used top-notched musicians and recorded two Gospel CD’s for J.B. ! He recorded a cut of the Turkey Track Theme Song that my Cuzzin’ Larry Watson played mandolin . Two cd’s for Bill Grant ! Two for Louisiana Grass !! But had the most fun with a Spanish speaking band from this area . Music has no National language , It IS the Universal language ! So the session produced an exceptional cd and a lotta fun was had by all . Smilin’ Bob Hayes and Joe Weaver gave guitar lessons
there , too .

Bill and Linda will be joined by singer/guitar player , Hugh Adams , a long time friend from down around Sardis Lake area . Hugh sings country songs(Ft. Worth style) with a Cowboy spirit and brings their stories to life ! Bill said he would sing 3 originals , two country songs about this area and a gospel tune . It will be a great set and it is scheduled for 5 pm.


Giving back what was so freely given - The Gift
of Music

Ya know , as I was gathering info for this week’s Live Music , I realized that I had almost forgotten or neglected a big part of music in the area . The singers and musicians that carried music to those sick and shut-in folks ! It is truly using the God given gift to carry a lil’ joy to those folks that don’t have a lotta joy in their day ! I have been around Spiro Nursing Home lately and they have been very creative in keeping their residents active and involved . Their kindness and compassion was greatly appreciated . But , to show my appreciation , I did promise
when they opened back up to bring a couple hours of the joy of live music back like we used to do ! This lockdown has been awful hard on folks that were already isolated . And my hats off to all the singers and musicians who take time to provide a lil sunshine
in a few people’s lives . And give it freely !

Where that got started , you might ask ! Well , I got to visit with Randy Humphrey to get a lil info for this coming Musician’s ReUnion . The Walker Mt. Boys focus on this ministry of music , any chance that they get . Playing at the Heavner and Poteau Assisted Living homes and as far as the Tulsa Cancer Center . A family member of Randy’s was getting help there and the group would often play and sing there . Even during lockdown when the group wasn’t allowed , Randy would take a guitar and go room to room to sing for other patients . I realized that
lately I hadn’t been mentioning the musicians that do these acts of kindness , never seeking praise , only doing the work of the Lord ! I will put more effort into giving more credit where it is due !

So I kept squeezing til I got so info bout the Walker Mt. Boys from him ! Now playing as a trio with Randy on Flattop guitar and singing , Johnny Janway/ guitar/fiddle/vocals and Andy Anderson on Doghouse bass ! Johnny and Randy have been together for years , long as he could remember . And Andy rejoined the group when he met the requirement of hair color ! His hair finally turned to match the others . Now I am assuming that means gray !

Anyway , they don’t write out a setlist , just play and sing what is on their hearts . They do Country , Bluegrass and Gospel . Randy said there would be a couple of original gospel tunes ! They recently played outside for the residents at the Heavner Nursing Home while the residents listened from the back porch area . They play every 3rd Sunday for Cowboy Church in Talihina . And will be glad when things open back . These guys are the real deal and I can’t wait to hear them this coming Sat. at the Musicians Reunion . Their set starts about 4 pm . !

The Musicians ReUnion will be at the Pocket Park, this Sat. the 15th ! It starts at 2 pm sharp . Five bands will provide the entertainment - Rearvue Mirror - Connie Abbott and Country Pride - Walker Mt. Boys - Bill and Linda Lancaster with Hugh Adams and J.B. Lloyd and Company ! It has become a nice mixof music from Country to Bluegrass to Americana to Gospel ! All five bands plan on Gospel songs in their set list .

This is a FREE event . It’s a bring-a-lawnchair kinda event . Concessions will be provided by Mary Parham and the HDP crew . There will be a food truck for grub . The weather looks to be a pleasant and rainfree Spring day . It will be a great afternoon of music . I hope to see ya there .

And another chance to hear live music will be at the Wright Family Farm this Sat . the 15th in Shady Point . The Wrights host an evening of Gospel music , this time the featured guest are the Alversons . This is also a free , no admission event ! It is a Family-Friendly event with Lawn Chairs in the front yard , plenty of room for the kids to play kinda thing !

Robert , Rochelle and Kyler invite everyone to share this time with them . It starts this Sat. at 6:30 !

Another good picking is at the DAV just North of Poteau ! John Sanders jost an Open Mic Nite with pickers and singer joining in for Country and Gospel music ! It is every Friday nite and starts at 6:00 .

Grannie’s Nightmare plays Classic R&R out on Hwy 71 S at Shelia’s What’ya Do Y’all Bar and Grill , this Sat. the 15th ! Rock and Roll is here to stay and this power trio can really bring it !

Rearvue Mirror will be at the MuldrowVFW on Sat the 15th ! Great place to listen and dance to one of my favorite groups !

It is great that LIve Music is happening at more events

Get out and support them .

Musicians need love too !

David Deaton

Digital Editor at Oklahoma Welcome

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