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Eastern Oklahoma State College announces 2021 graduates Featured

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Despite the challenges they faced to complete their education during a global pandemic, 220 Eastern Oklahoma State College students have earned their associate degree or certificate this year.


Eastern’s 2021 graduates listed by county include:



Atoka County

Hope AnnaLynn Angel, Atoka - (A.A.) General Studies

Brenton J. Beck, Atoka - (A.A.) General Studies

Kylie B. Bowen, Atoka - (A.A.) General Studies

Cole E. Broughton, Atoka - (A.S.) Health, Physical Education & Recreation

Taylor J. Chambers, Atoka - (A.S.) Agriculture Economics

Ryan McKenzie Walker, Atoka - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Tracy L. Whatley, Atoka - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Hadleigh L. Workman, Caney - (A.S.) Agriculture Education


Bryan County

Christian H. McGowan, Bokchito - (A.S.) Criminal Justice

Viktoria K. Buck, Colbert - (A.S.) Life Science

Cade G. Buchanan, Durant - (A.A.) General Studies


Caddo County

Baylee Rae Nix, Carnegie - (A.S.) Agriculture Economics


Canadian County

Tanner Wayne Stevens, Yukon - (A.S.) Animal Science


Carter County

Avery D. Hoggard, Ratliff City - (A.S.) Agronomy


Choctaw County

Kallie L. Clifton, Soper - (A.S.) Agriculture Economics


Cleveland County

Curren ReAnn Bailey, Moore - (A.S.) Agriculture Education

Yanene I. Meza, Moore - (A.A.) Pre-Elementary Education

Madelyn P. Compton, Norman - (A.S.) Life Science


Coal County

Jacklyn N. Davis, Coalgate - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Austin J. Lambert, Coalgate - (A.A.) General Studies


Creek County

Mikayla Babcock, Mannford - (A.A.) General Studies


Delaware County

Benton Denny, Jay - (A.S.) Animal Science

Colten Dale, Watts - (A.S.) Animal Science

Garfield County

Seth D. Gray, Drummond - (A.S.) Life Science

Wyatt M. Gray, Drummond - (A.A.) General Studies


Grady County

Kayla S. Beil, Chickasha - (A.A.) General Studies

Haskell County

Ciara D. Clark, Stigler - (A.A.S.) Respiratory Therapy

Emery L. Martin, Stigler - (A.S.) Animal Science

Susan M. Robison, Stigler - (A.A.S.) Nursing

George A. Stilwell, Stigler - (A.S.) Criminal Justice COP

Nathan Wingo, Stigler - (A.S.) Criminal Justice COP

Hughes County

Angelica Ann Beck, Holdenville - (A.A.S.) Meat Processing & Food Safety, (A.S.) Agriculture Communication and (A.S.) Food Science

Elizabeth L. Brewer, Stuart - (A.S.) Life Science

Ashley Kay Brown, Stuart - (A.S.) Life Science

Stormie M. Shores, Stuart - (A.S.) Life Science

Brayden C. Putman, Wetumka - (A.A.) General Studies

Kingfisher County

Keegan Riley Hertensen, Cashion - (A.S.) Agriculture Education, (A.S.) Agriculture Communication and (A.S.) Animal Science

Latimer County

Doralynn D. Cox, Panola - (A.A.) General Studies

Madison Jade Clark, Red Oak - (A.A.) General Studies

Kelsey Deon Hunter, Red Oak - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Kylie M. Jolley, Red Oak - (A.A.) Pre-Elementary Education

Coby J. Ober, Red Oak - (A.A.) Enterprise Development-General Studies

Chloe Calista Treannie, Tuskahoma - (A.A.) General Studies

Morgan L. Arledge, Wilburton - (A.A.) Mass Communication

Jordan A. Bailey, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies

Rachael Belisle, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies

Helen M. Bevilacqua, Wilburton - (A.A.S.) Respiratory Therapy

Jewellena Boyett, Wilburton - (A.S.) Horticulture

Crystal A. Caldwell, Wilburton - (A.A.S.) Respiratory Therapy

Kelsey Rae Chance, Wilburton - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Joslyn R. Crocker, Wilburton - (A.A.) Pre-Elementary Education

Skyler K. Curtis, Wilburton - (A.A.S.) Nursing 

Michele Le' Evans, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies

Vilma B. Higginbotham, Wilburton - (A.A.) Psychology/Sociology

Ellen M. Jeffrey, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies

Courtney Jones, Wilburton - (A.S.) Horticulture

Michelle Jones, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies

Sandra J'Lynn Karstens, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies

Jaycee J. Kitchell, Wilburton - (A.S.) Life Science

Cynthia M. Milligan, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies

Jennifer S. Montana, Wilburton - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Michael Thomas Moore, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies and (A.S.) Business Administration

Montanna R. Patzack, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies and (A.S.) Life Science

Hannah Posey, Wilburton - (A.A.) Psychology/Sociology

Ethan Ray Robertson, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies

Alejandro Rosales Camacho, Wilburton - (A.A.) Psychology/Sociology

Victor H. Schulze, Wilburton - (A.A.S.) Ranch Management-Stocker Operations

Allison Nicole Sellers, Wilburton - (A.A.) Psychology/Sociology

Kylee R. Taylor, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies

Mikayla Vandaveer, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies

Ward Scott Vinson, Wilburton - (A.S.) Life Science

LeFlore County

Meagan E. Pilkington, Heavener - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Carson J. Cheek, Howe - (A.A.) General Studies

Haley E. Stone, Muldrow - (A.A.S.) Meat Processing & Food Safety

Cassidy J. Ward, Panama - (A.S.) Life Science

Graclyn B. Young, Poteau - (A.A.) General Studies

Ciara S. Johnson, Shady Point - (A.S.) Animal Science and (A.S.) Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Jaydin A. Harper, Talihina - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Amanda L. Johnson, Talihina - (A.A.) General Studies

Keith G. Lickly, Talihina - (A.S.) Business Administration

Logan Christopher Cole Rose, Talihina - (A.S.) Health, Physical Education & Recreation

Madison Riley Wall, Talihina - (A.S.) Life Science

Kristen Brown, Wister - (A.S.) Food Science

Marshall County

Tiffani J. Henry, Kingston - (A.S.) Life Science

McClain County

Ryan L. Stockton, Purcell - (A.A.S.) Respiratory Therapy


McCurtain County

Alissa L. Kindred, Bethel - (A.S.) Agriculture Economics

Brian C. Buchanan, Broken Bow - (A.A.) General Studies

Jacey D. Buchanan, Broken Bow - (A.A.) Child Development

Haleigh M. Converse, Broken Bow - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Mikayla A. Dennis, Broken Bow - (A.A.) Psychology/Sociology

Sarah N. Jackson, Broken Bow - (A.A.) Pre-Elementary Education

Marissa A. Johnson, Broken Bow - (A.S.) Forestry

Dillon W. Jordan, Broken Bow - (A.S.) Wildlife Ecology

Krystin Riley Klein, Broken Bow - (A.A.) Psychology/Sociology

JonAnne Walters, Broken Bow - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Bergandy N. Holt, Haworth - (A.A.) Psychology/Sociology

Rita Jordan Allen, Idabel - (A.A.) General Studies

Princes'Sai Emma Jewel Johns, Idabel - (A.A.) General Studies

Justin L. Lecrone, Idabel - (A.S.) Life Science

Tayeh C. Shoals, Idabel - (A.A.) General Studies

Stephanie R. Talley, Idabel - (A.A.S.) Nursing

James Roy Cash, Valliant - (A.A.) Psychology/Sociology


McIntosh County

Drake E. Erickson, Checotah - (A.S.) Business Administration

Brandye Anne Duke, Eufaula - (A.A.S.) Nursing


Muskogee County

Baylee A. Highfill, Muskogee - (A.A.) General Studies


Nowata County

Morgen M. Bellar, Lenapah - (A.A.) General Studies


Oklahoma County

Kason G. Cathey, Jones - (A.S.) Animal Science and (A.S.) Food Science

Ottawa County

Nicholas D. Sizemore, Afton - (A.S.) Life Science


Pittsburg County

Gabriel T. Gibson, Blocker - (A.S.) Life Science

Pamela J. Latham, Canadian - (A.S.) Horticulture

Te'a L. Vail, Canadian - (A.A.S.) Respiratory Therapy

Regina Ann Byrd, Haileyville - (A.S.) Business Administration

Tanner R. Arnold, Hartshorne - (A.A.) General Studies

Taylor Daniels, Hartshorne - (A.A.) General Studies

David A. Ledbetter, Hartshorne - (A.A.) General Studies

Eduardo D. Walker, Hartshorne - (A.S.) Business Administration

Jaylin E. McBride, Indianola - (A.A.) General Studies

Jill C. Weaver, Kiowa - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Zachary Butler, Krebs - (A.A.S.) Respiratory Therapy

Chandler Peckio, Krebs - (A.A.) General Studies

Alyssa M. Pemberton, Krebs - (A.S.) Life Science

Ravyn Allphin, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Respiratory Therapy

Leah Back, McAlester - (A.A.) Psychology/Sociology

Cami B. Barlow, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Respiratory Therapy

Summer Nicole Bicknell, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Tabitha A. Bradford, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Respiratory Therapy

Madelyn G. Burks, McAlester - (A.A.) Pre-Elementary Education

Madeline R. Camp, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Jordyn Cook, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Thomas T. Davis, McAlester - (A.S.) Business Administration

Tien Q. Do, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Jake M. Edwards, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Jax A. Franklin, McAlester - (A.S.) Health, Physical Education & Recreation

Jesus A. Gaytan, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Jessica Graham, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Paige S. Grimes, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Lauren E. Harbin, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Sienna R. Hooser, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Ashley L. Howard, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Thomas Irish, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Easten C. James, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Alton L. Jones II, McAlester - (A.S.) Life Science

Misty D. Jones, McAlester - (A.S.) Criminal Justice

Jacob T. Lane, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Kristen D. Lane, McAlester - (A.A.) English

Ali R. Leding, McAlester - (A.A.) Mass Communication

Shane E. Leggett, McAlester - (A.S.) Life Science

Nichole D. Lewis, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Emerald Lynn, McAlester - (A.A.) History/Political Science

Emily Medrano, McAlester - (A.A.) Enterprise Development-General Studies

Holly M. R. Parker, McAlester - (A.A.) Enterprise Development-General Studies

Jakeb Parker, McAlester - (A.S.) Agriculture Education

Jodie Pool, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Daniel S. Quinton, McAlester - (A.S.) Criminal Justice

Jacob R. Rattan, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Angelo Robert Rivers II, McAlester - (A.S.) Criminal Justice COP

Aubrey D. Russell, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Divina Rose Q. Santos, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Bailey M. Sissom, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Kara B. Smith, McAlester - (A.A.) Enterprise Development-General Studies

Makayla J. Smith, McAlester - (A.A.) Pre-Elementary Education

Phoebe A. Smith, McAlester - (A.S.) Business Administration

Robert W. Spaulding, McAlester - (A.S.) Business Administration

Shea I. Stowers, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Hallie A. Sutterfield, McAlester - (A.S.) Life Science

Jenna B. Swboni, McAlester - (A.A.) Pre-Elementary Education

Ashlee N. Tidwell, McAlester - Child Development Certificate

Ashley Todd, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Tan Truong, McAlester - (A.S.) Physical Science, (A.S.) Mathematics and Computer Coding Certificate

Shanna Twyman, McAlester - Child Development Certificate

Nicholas R. Verner, McAlester - (A.S.) Business Administration

Megan Nicole Vieux, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing and (A.A.) General Studies

Nikki M. Walling, McAlester - (A.A.) Child Development

Landon Waters, McAlester - (A.S.) Criminal Justice

Hunter L. Whitaker, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Sandra M. Timmons, Pittsburg - (A.A.) Child Development

Crystal L. Hollingsworth, Quinton - (A.A.) General Studies

Kaylee D. Orr, Quinton - (A.A.) General Studies

Alyssa Ashlee Osborn, Savanna - (A.A.) General Studies


Pontotoc County

Nolan A. Feazle, Ada - (A.S.) Agriculture Economics

Jacob T. Savage, Ada - (A.A.) General Studies

Alexis Hise, Stonewall - (A.S.) Agriculture Education

Pushmataha County

Kyler C. Gee, Antlers - (A.A.S.) Ranch Management-Stocker Operations

Stacy L. McCarty, Antlers - (A.S.) Business Administration

Kammye A. Thain, Antlers - (A.A.S.) Respiratory Therapy

Colten Bell, Clayton - (A.S.) Forestry

Christian L. Scarberry, Clayton - (A.A.) Music

Amanda R. White, Clayton - (A.A.S.) Respiratory Therapy

Hannah M. Brown, Rattan - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Mattie K. Henry, Tuskahoma - (A.A.S.) Nursing


Rogers County

David E. Sandlin, Owasso - (A.S.) Business Administration

Sequoyah County

Tee Jay Trotter, Vian - (A.S.) Agriculture Education


Tulsa County

Cole M. Disney, Broken Arrow - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Jonathan W. Moore, Broken Arrow - (A.A.) Mass Communication

John D. Miller, Sand Springs - (A.A.) General Studies


Karson A. Coffee, Bentonville - (A.A.) General Studies

Rebekah Rose O'Neal, Elkins - (A.S.) Agriculture Economics and (A.S.) Animal Science

Elisabeth P. Abeyta, Fort Smith - (A.A.) General Studies

Jeremy Chapman, Fort Smith - (A.A.S.) Respiratory Therapy

David W. McCroskey IV, Springdale - (A.A.) General Studies

Keely D. Harrelson, Springdale - (A.S.) Agriculture Education and (A.S.) Animal Science



Bryce David Matthews, Parker - (A.A.) General Studies


Jacob Johnson, Ruth - (A.S.) Animal Science



Holly M. R. Sinning, Mannsfield - (A.S.) Pre-Veterinary Medicine


Nicholas J. Wimmers, Oregonia - (A.S.) Computer Information Systems-Forensics



Jeb G. Jenkins, Amarillo - (A.A.) General Studies

Krystina S. Cabrera, Bells - (A.A.) General Studies

Rolando Riza Jr, Eagle Pass - (A.A.) General Studies

Jordan Hamilton, Fate - (A.A.) General Studies

Alauna Moore, Fort Worth - (A.A.) General Studies

TiJanae’ Simmons, Houston – (A.S.) Business Administration

Lauren J. Freeman, Joshua - (A.A.) General Studies

Deja L. Williams, Manvel - (A.S.) Life Science

Jaylann Myles, Mesquite - (A.S.) Life Science

Triphornia Rutendo Mubaiwa, Pflugerville - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Julian Corinne Cowley, The Colony - (A.A.) General Studies


Andrew A. Walling, Castle Rock - (A.S.) Business Administration


Lucas Teixeira, Bela Vista, Brazil - (A.S.) Business Administration

Dawson Walters, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - (A.A.) General Studies

Florian Ouaddour Mehana, Fresnes, France - (A.S.) Business Administration



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